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The person behind the camera...


I've had the site for a few weeks now so I thought you might like to know a bit more about me. Writing about photoshoots is so much easier than writing about myself, but hey, here goes with 5 facts about me...

1) I have a womb mate, Amy, I'm a twin. An Identical twin. We are very identical, although I'm slightly taller and yes, I don't let her forget it, just like how she doesn't let me forget she's 6 minutes older. She is a writer and I'm super proud that she's written a musical called The Jury, with her friend Ashley. (It's on at The Brindley Theatre in Runcorn from July 18th).

2) Five years ago I met Ben. He proposed after 3 years together and we married last spring at the beautiful Ashes Wedding Barns in Staffordshire. I am so lucky to be with someone so

hard working and loving. He is currently away with work and back in the Summer, I miss him massively. They say the first year of marriage is the hardest. I have spent most of it with out him, so it's hard one for me. Hard with out him here? Yes, but I'm used to him being away, we spent the first two years of our relationship with Ben living in a different country. Most of my time is spent in Cheshire and I am kept very busy with photography, friends and our four legged fur-baby Toby which brings me nicely onto my third fact...

3) I'm a animal lover. We adopted our first dog together last year, his name is Toby and he is a beautiful Beagle. We rescued him from Beagle Welfare in Burton-on-Tent and they do some fantastic work. He is playful, mischievous, naughty but more than anything, loving. If you've had a stressful day, not feeling well or just want a cuddle he's already under the blanket waiting (he is currently curled up snoring away next to me).

4) Did some one say gym or gin? I'll take both. I'm a huge gym 'goer'. I have been going to the gym 3-4 times a week over the last few years. I've lost quite a bit of weights and I did this for health reasons. I wasn't healthy and it was holding me back with my confidence. People ask me did I have a diet? No. Not really anyway. I still ate what I wanted to and just concentrated on portion size. Pizza - yep. Chinese - of course, but not every week. As for gin, it's my go to drink. Bombay Sapphire with lemonade, not tonic.

5) I love the out doors. Walking in the Peak District is my favourite and I cant wait to take Toby when the weather picks up. For my hen do I requested glamping, personally camping is good for me but I had to think of my friends who aren't so out 'doorsy'. There were camp fires, marshmallows and prosecco, everyone enjoyed it. If you're interested it was Penhein Glamping, it was beautiful ( Although photography is work for me, I still enjoy taking my camera out on my walks and to family occasions.

Have a look through my portfolios, feel free to message with any questions. I'd love to get you booked in if you'd like a photoshoot with me.