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Relaxed family photoshoot - Oxford.

After writing my last blog on my top tips for a fun family photoshoot I thought I'd choose this lovely one from last Autumn to show you. I had such a lovely afternoon with these guys!

What do I love about Autumn? The colours, crunchy leaves and wrapping up warm. All of which were included in my family photoshoot with Sammie, her husband Davis, son Archie and two gorgeous Scottish Terriers, Jock and Bailey in Oxford.

We decided to head to the quieter part of The Thames on the Sunday afternoon to get Sammie and family comfortable with out lots of people walking past. Archie was a little nervous but soon warmed to me once I brought out the chocolates (I like to come prepared). He was soon jumping off bales of hay and running through the trees and crunchy leaves. I loved how intrigued he was with the camera, always walking up close too inspect it and I even showed him some sneak peeks of some photographs earlier in the session.

I was so happy that I could get some lovely pictures of the whole family as Davis is in the Military and works away from home, we wanted to capture some family moments that they could all enjoy looking back at. One photo in particular pulled at my heart strings during editing, I'm a Military wife and know how difficult it is for families when parents are deployed, I think that's why it really made me blub. Scroll down and you'll see the adorable black and white father and son photo that really got me crying.

Coming to the end of the session we didn't need to go to the other spots I had previously located as Sammie, Davis, Archie and even Jock and Bailey were so natural I had all the shots I needed. Jock and Bailey defiantly deserved the treats I brought alone. Did I mention I like to be prepared?

Sammie, Davis, Archie and of course Jock and Bailey - thank you for being a pleasure to photograph, I had so much fun with you. Wishing you save travels Davis.

If you'd like a family photoshoot, send me a message and we can get you booked in xx