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Reasons to book a prewedding session

What's the point of a pre-wedding/engagement session I hear you ask?

I currently include a complementary engagement/pre-wedding shoot in my full day wedding package. Connecting with my clients in person before the big day is important.

I found it daunting when booking our wedding photographer but what really sold me was the complimentary shoot we received so we could get to know our photographer and know how it feels knowing a camera is on us. I was a bride before I was a professional photographer but now I see why it's beneficial to both sides. I urge all of my couples to really take advantage of this shoot and here are the reasons why...

We get to meet in person and chat about your day! I LOVE chatting all things weddings and I love hearing how you met and seeing the love you share. I get to know you as a couple and how you are naturally together. If you're anything like my husband and I we hate photos but having the prewedding shoot let us know how we worked together in front of the camera (well ones that didn't include one of us stretching our arm out full on selfie mode!). You can ask questions and get to know me too.

You get to know how I work. On the run up to the big day there's lots to worry about but one thing you shouldn't worry about is how your photographer works. Getting to see them in action before the big day I feel is a MUST. I am relaxed and try to give as little or as much direction as you'd like/need. I want you to feel comfortable so the photos look lovely, flowing and natural.

Ok gents, this ones leaning more toward you (some ladies too). To let go of the nerves. Don't feel nervous, I don't bite! There's nothing more noticeable than you feeling uncomfortable and it's the last thing I want you to feel with me. Take a deep breath, pretend I'm not even there. Your just having a cuddle, a few moments with your other half while I give you slight direction. Don't even look my way. It helps you to know what to expect on your big day and one less thing to worry about. The subtle poses that we do at your engagement/pre-wedding shoot are similar to the ones we will do on your wedding day. I find couples really don't need any direction on the wedding day when we have a pre-shoot.

It helps iron out any insecurities that you have so I'm aware of them on the big day. See the pre-wedding session as a rehearsal on the photography. You may be self conscious of something, for me it was my smile, yet when I look back at the photos (pre-wedding and wedding day) I didn't find my smile was bad at all, this went for angles I thought I'd dislike, I actually liked. It stopped me worrying for the big day.

You can use the photos in many different ways. On your save the dates, the invites, on the wedding day. We used our photos on our wedding day, we dotted the photos around the venue. Other couples I have seen use them in different ways, they have had them printed nice and big and their guests sign the frame as they walk into the reception venue, or a personalised guest book with a photo on the front.

Please take advantage of these shoots. You'll get to know your photographer, know what it's like in front of the camera, and you will receive some lovely photos too. You receive your digital photos in an online, password protected gallery 2-3 weeks after the session so please book in plenty of time if you are wanting to use the photos.

If you don't book my full day package do not fear, I offer a 10% discount on my engagement/pre-wedding sessions to couples that have booked their big day with me on a shorter coverage package.

Scroll down to view some photos from my most recent pre-wedding session with the lovely Amy and Andrew!