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Outdoor family session, Oxfordshire

I met Hannah on a morning dog walk last year and we kept bumping into each other on our usual routes. After a while we arranged to walk together - to save our arms being pulled off by the boys dragging us to each other - and got chatting. We kept mentioning working together on a photoshoot, but with our busy schedules it wasn't until recently we managed to meet up and make it happen.

Hannah and I have a lot of things in common, our husbands are both in the military, our love for our dogs (obviously we HAD to include Hannah's fur-baby in this photoshoot too) and our love for Line of Duty - I'm currently catching up on series four. No spoilers please.

Sadly Hannah's husband was away and was not able to join our shoot (I'm sure we will get some photos all together), we had a lovely morning photoshoot getting photos of their daughter. Of course I sneaked Hannah in some photos too.

Iona is one of the sweetest little girls I've had the pleasure of working with. She invited me onto her trampoline, wanted to share her sweets and made me an (imaginary) yummy ice cream. I loved her enthusiasm, her gentleness with her four legged big brother and her love for her mum.

Thanks for a lovely morning full of fun, giggles and bubbles. xx

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