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Katie & Dave, Nantwich Lake couples shoot.

What can I say about Katie and Dave? Well I've known Katie a few years through a mutual friend and we bump into each other every now and then. I mentioned that the cherry blossom was coming out in full force and I wanted to get some photos, Katie jumped at the chance and all she had to do was ask Dave.

Usually it takes a little more persuading for the guys to do a photoshoot but Dave jumped at the chance. Katie and Dave met at work in 2016 and Katie mentioned they didn't have many photos of them together in the two years they had been together so it would be a really nice idea.

I'd never met Dave before but as soon as he stepped out of the car with a lovely big smile, I knew we'd get on well. They were both relaxed and seemed up for trying lots of things, and that we did! We looped the lake a couple of times, of course I found the cherry blossom (Yippieee - I may have even let out a sound of joy while taking the pictures!).

Katie and Dave were very sweet together and I really enjoyed our walk. I try to make photoshoots more natural and fun and less awkward and sit/stand in front of the camera looking at me.

Thank you Katie and Dave for a lovely evening walk, and thank you for standing under cherry blossom and being covered in falling blossom. It was worth it.