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Hayley & Jonathan - Couples photoshoot, Crewe, Queens Park. Happy 1st wedding anniversary!

Hayley responded to one of my model calls last year. Model calls are where I can experiment with new ideas I want to try with out all the pressure of a paying client. They are extremely popular and Hayley was the first to snap up the couples shoot. Keep your eye out on my Facebook page as I often advertise them on there!

l've known Hayley for as long as I can remember, our parents are friends and our paths cross frequently. It was coming up to their first wedding anniversary and what a lovely way to celebrate...with a couples shoot! I couldn't believe it had been a whole year since attending their beautiful wedding at the lovely Wild boar hotel in Cheshire.

Hayley and Jonathan met while working at The Lyceum Theatre a few years ago. The theatre take a break over the summer period so they weren't able to see each other for a few weeks, but Jonathan was determined. He found one of the theatre programs and used it to identify the lovely Hayley, and tracked her down via social media. Nice detective work Jonathan!

For the photoshoot we met at The Queens Park in Crewe, we weren't sure which way the weather was going to go, after all it was Autumn (and England!) but we were prepared to give it a chance and see where the afternoon took us.

Both Hayley and Jonathan were very relaxed and up for trying lots of different ideas. The way they looked at each other and making each other laugh during the shoot was very sweet and you can tell they are completely in love and care for each other deeply.

We were so lucky that the rain held off until we got back to the car park!

Hayley and Jonathan - you were a pleasure to photograph, Thank you. Happy anniversary and I hope you have a life time of happiness together. xx

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