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Charlotte and Josh - Macclesfield Forest, Cheshire

I met Charlotte briefly through my sister when they attended the same college course together back in 2009 (how was it that long ago?!). We got back in touch a couple of years ago via Instagram and shared our love for our rescue pooches. When Josh proposed Charlotte messaged straight away to get booked in, I did a little happy dance.

For as long as I can remember I've always wanted to do a couples session in a forest setting but had never had the opportunity, so when Charlotte and Josh suggested Macclesfield Forest I jumped at the chance.

When I arrived and saw how beautiful the forest was I had endless ideas with the variety of places we could use. Luckily Charlotte and Josh were up for exploring and we put our trust in Josh to lead us to where we wanted to go. The ground was very uneven and soggy from the recent rainfall, so it was only fair to send Josh first just in case, right? Josh did a great job of leading us down a very steep hill to the bottom to find a gorgeous spot. There was a lovely gate I wanted to use and the greenery surrounding us was so pretty, it lead to a quiet road we took advantage of too. The only down side of getting down the steep hill was getting back up later.

We chatted about how they met and I found out that their first date was at the same pub Josh's parents had their first date. How sweet is that?! Josh had plans to propose in Disneyland Paris but COVID-19 unfortunately put a stop to that. So on Charlottes birthday they invited family round for a socially distanced get together and Josh suggested the two of them take a walk. On the walk Josh kept fidgeting and checking his phone. When they arrived back Josh made Charlotte close her eyes and lead her into the back garden. When Charlotte opened her eyes Josh was down on one knee and the garden had been decorated by her best friend with rose petals, flameless candles and a big picture of the Disney castle. Charlottes friend hid and filmed the whole thing. A reminder that even during COVID-19 love isn't cancelled.

Charlotte and Josh were so sweet together and watching as they both naturally embraced each other, the way Josh kissed Charlottes head with out any direction from me, usually it takes a little encouragements to show some PDA in front of the camera, I could just tell how in love these two are. Now to get back up the hill. We followed the road back up to the car park. This hill was steep. Carrying all my gear was a struggle but we just about made it back to the car park. We all agreed no workouts were needed that day!

I can't wait to be with you both again next year at your stunning venue as you say "I do".