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Becky & James - Cheshire photoshoot.

Arhh Becky and James... and the adorable Noah of course! Such a lovely family.

Becky entered my valentines day couples photoshoot competition on Facebook. ( It took us a few weeks to find a free date for us all (and when I was back in lovely Cheshire) but it was well worth the wait!

Before meeting up, Becky asked if their adorable son Noah could join in for a photo. Of course I said yes because she asked so nicely, as we knew this was primarily a couples photoshoot we did spend more time doing couples shots, but of course I took way more than one of Noah for them.

We arranged to meet at The Queens park in Crewe. Becky brought her lovely mum along to look after Noah - he was so adorable and was looking very dapper in his outfit, I LOVED the flat cap. After taking a few photos of Noah we then got the couples shots. Becky's mum brought their very handsome dog too. It was a lovely family affair!

We had a chat as we walked to the first location (I scout out locations before the couples arrive so we don't waste any precious shooting time). As we chat I learn a bit more about Becky and James and we chat more about how they met online, they both swiped right back in 2016! We all agreed its such a popular way for people to meet nowadays.

From the moment I started shooting away I could tell Becky and James were naturals and after teaching them a few simple (natural) poses they just fell into what felt right and comfortable to them. And boy did they work it! They were fab!! Even before I opened my mouth to ease them into a pose they read my mind. I usually wouldn't add so many pictures to a blog BUT I couldn't cut them down any more than this.

Thank you for entering the competition Becky, I loved our session.


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