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Alice & Marc, maternity session, Nantwich

I received a message from Alice when I put on social media that I would be back in Cheshire for a couple of weeks. Alice and her husband Marc are expecting their first child together this month and wanted some pictures featuring bump! I jumped at the chance.

For a long time now I've wanted to do a photo shoot in the glorious golden hour but not one of the previous photo shoots I've done haven't fallen when we could capture the sun going down on a clear day (insert a large sad face here). When Alice mentioned she wanted a beautiful golden hour mini maternity shoot with the weather being soo beautiful, I got VERY excited. Alice suggested about doing the photoshoot on the family farm in one of the many fields. All we had to do was keep our fingers crossed for the weather to stay so lovely to be able catch the sun just before it disappears.

When I arrived (slightly earlier so I could look at where we would be shooting) at the farm, Alice had prepared a picnic and prosecco (for Marc and I). We walked with Billy (their very energetic and stick loving dog) to the other side of the farm, it was around 6.30pm the sun was still shining - thank goodness, it was still warm and we were very, very excited.

After having a nibble, a couple of drinks, stick throwing and sharing our love of hummus we started to take advantage of the gorgeous evening sun.

Billy loved being out in the field with us and chasing trains (don't panic there was a fence and a hedge in between and sadly Billy's legs weren't so quick as he hoped). I have multitasked plenty of times before during shooting but throwing a stick whilst trying to capture this beautiful couple was a different skill set I didn't know I had.

Alice, Marc and Billy - Thank you for providing such a lovely picnic, bubbles and for a wonderful session. Good luck with your new arrival - big hugs!


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