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9 Questions your wedding photographer will ask you

On the run up to your special day there's lots of things to talk to your suppliers about, not only does it put you at ease but it also helps your suppliers. Before your big day I'm excited to get chatting about your plans either via a Skype call, face to face with a coffee or via email. It's totally up to you. I LOVE hearing about your plans and what you have in store for your guests.

During our pre-wedding chats there are a few questions I like to ask. We will already know where your venue is, the date of the wedding, contact numbers etc from your booking. Here are some things we will want to know before arriving on your big day, not only does it help me but it will make the day run much more smoothly.

1) What are your timings of the day?

It's great to know what is happening when so I can be at the right place at the right time. Things to include: time you're getting your hair and make up done, what time you're leaving from your venue, the ceremony start time, speeches, time allocated for your group shots, couples portraits, reception start time, first dance and cake cutting. If you're unsure or need guidance I'm more than happy to help. Also it helps me to know when's best to get your family photos and couples portraits.

2) Who's in your bridal party and who are the groomsmen?

I like to know who's in your bridal party because it helps me to know what to expect in the morning during the bridal-prep photos and also I like to get to know your closest friends/family as it really helps if we have someone to help during the photos. A couple of people (someone from the brides side and someone from the grooms side) who know almost everyone are great so they can help gather the right people for the photographs. It helps us get done quicker so you can enjoy the company of your guests.

3) Are there any specific photos you'd like?

On the run up to your day I will send an email asking for a list of things you would like photographing. I will have all the usual shots on my list - flowers, bridal dress, button holes, cake, couples portraits and more but it's great to know if there's anything you'd like. This includes any special items like jewellery you'll be wearing, to your group shots I ask for 10-15 groups in order of importance to you both. Each photo takes around 3minutes to get everyone into the correct position and take a few photos (in case we have a blinker or someone is looking in the opposite direction). We try our best to capture everything on your list but can't guarantee everything.

4) Is there anyone that doesn't want photographing?

It's very rare someone mentions they don't want photographing but it's helpful for us to know so we don't cause any upset on the day. My aim is to be the invisible photographer that you don't notice capturing your day.

5) How much time have to allocated for your group photos and couples portraits?

Usually we need 45mins for group shots (15 groups) and 30mins max for your couples portraits. I try to be as quick as possible whilst getting you lovely photos as I hate taking you away from your guests. The last thing you want to remember on your special day is the photographer constantly taking you away for photos.

6) Will food be provided for the photographer?

Most couples I've worked with have arranged a suppliers meal, it's a smaller, less expensive option compared to the meal your enjoy with your guests. If it's something you'd like to provide talk to your venue/caterer for more information. It's ok if you don't, but please let the photographer know if there are facilities onsite for them to buy their own lunch or if they need to bring something with them. We're on our feet for around 8-10 hours, maybe more and only get chance to have a break when your enjoying your wedding breakfast (We don't tend to take photos whilst you're all eating). We take ourselves somewhere quiet so there's no need to include your photographer in any seating plans. I'm happy to provide my own food so don't worry and if you do provide anything from a drink or snacks to a meal, photographer's are grateful for anything.

7) Is there anything that may affect the photographer?

Are there any surprises for guests - singing waiters? Any issues with parking (we're usually the last to arrive at the ceremony venue). Do you have any guests keen on taking photos? Are you hiring a videographer? It's great to know this so we can reach out to them before the big day or in the morning so we can work along side each other capturing your day together nice and smoothly.

8) Who are your suppliers?

From make up, hair and your cake to where your bought your dress/dresses/suits. It's great for photographers to know who is involved in creating your big day how you'd like it. When we post photos online (see the next question) it's only fair we credit those who have made your day special. (Includes: any florists, hair stylist, make up artist, cake baker, dress/suit shops, stationary maker, any entertainers, photo booths or bands/DJ).

9) Are you happy for images to be shared online (social media and website)?

This is a question I ask all my clients, weddings and family sessions. We love to show off the photos of your big day and with most enquiries coming via online from Facebook, Instagram and websites it's the first place people look for a protentional photographer. If a photographer had no photos online for you to see, would you book them or just click off their page? We are so grateful when you let us share your day online, this is the way we show you your sneak peaks a day or so after your special day. I never share revealing photos or any photos of children/particular guests if specified. It's mainly for your couples portraits and details of your day (flowers etc).

We don't bite, we feel privileged to be apart of your day and want to deliver beautiful images that capture your day. If you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch.

Are you still looking for your wedding photographer? Take a look at my portfolio via the tabs at the top of the page. If it feels right send me a message and we can talk all thing weddings. Ekkkk!