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5 Top tips for a fun family photoshoot...


I absoloutly love family photoshoots. I work in Oxford and Cheshire and get to meet so many lovely people and get asked so many questions on family photoshoots. So I thought I'd do a little blog.

Here are my 5 top tips for making a fun, enjoyable photoshoot with your family...

1) Make it fun - I will never ask you to sit still, looking at the camera smiling. Have you ever known any one to say how much they enjoyed a photoshoot sitting still staring at the photographer? Nope, I haven't either. Whether you have toddlers or teenagers - play games, walk together, talk together and most importantly laugh together. Don't be afraid to hug each other, have a sneaky kiss or let the little ones have a run about. Who's for a piggy back ride?

2) Be prepared - I try to come as prepared as possible. Mainly with umbrellas or goodies for the little ones and four legged fur-babies you bring along. It's very rare that when you give a treat to someone they don't smile or do what you ask them too. Bring their favourite sweet, toy, book or another item they like. Will it ruin the picture? From my point of view, no. When you look back on the photos in years to come you can remember the thing that they liked the most.

3) Be comfortable - There's nothing worse picking an outfit that looks amazing but makes you feel stiff and uncomfortable. How will we tell? Your face. The first thing I look at in a photo is someone's face, you can tell in their eyes and smile. It makes it easier for me and a better experience for you. Colours? I love light, simple with not too much writing on. You might want to co-ordinate a little, but not to 'matchy', 'matchy'. But hey, I'm not going to stop you if you want to match, I lived in matching clothes with my twin for years...yep I'm a twin, we'll talk more about me in a future blog.

4) This ones for the Dads - We know that the majority of the time its the mums that mention wanting a family photoshoot first. But Dads, relax. Some of my favourite photographs are with fathers and their children. Read point number 1 for some tips to help you out.

5) Don't worry if your little one has a tantrum - Don't be embarrassed, it happens on the majority of photoshoots. It's just their way of saying they're done, and that's ok. Most of the time we have the shots we need, as long as you follow tip number 2 that is. The longer you can hold off a mini meltdown the better but we're all human.

Family sessions are so enjoyable from inquisitive little ones to shared family smiles they really do make my heart burst, I even cried once when editing a family session.

Keep an eye out for blogs on my family sessions, I'll hopefully get round to writing blogs on each photoshoot I do. Each session is different, I get to work with so many amazing families. Please send me a message if you're looking for a family photoshoot in Oxford or Cheshire.